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Here are just a few of the home services we provide for your convenience:


  • Computer Training - Do you ever get discouraged while using the computer? With a little training from one of our highly trained technicians, we can make those discouraging moments disappear!


  • Router / Network Setup - Do you need a wireless signal in your home - or maybe need a stronger signal? We can get you set up so that you are able to use your laptop, iPad, or tablet in every room of your home!


  • TV / Mounting & Installation - Did you just purchase a new flat screen TV and have no idea how to hang it on the wall? We have plenty of experience with mounting flat screen TVs of any size.


  • Media & Entertainment Centers - Do you use more than 1 remote control for your media center? Why switch back and forth trying to figure out which remote goes to what? Let us set you up with a single remote that controls everything! Why have you waited so long?


  • Surveillance System - Want to keep an eye on your home while you are away? We can install as many cameras as you need and make it easy for you to view them on your smart phone, iPad, tablet, or from any other location.


  • Computer Data Backup or Transfer - Need some help figuring out how to back up the important documents and/or pictures on your computer? Maybe you need to free up some hard drive space and want to move some of your pictures to another backup location. Give us a call and we can set up an automatic backup for you, or do a one-time transfer of the data to another device.


  We are a mobile repair company that will come directly to your home!

Give us a call!  We will service all of your technology needs!